Channel Letters Signs


  • Each letter is separated.
  • Fabricated metal letter shell or CNC engraved acrylic letter shell.
  • LED in the letter shell as lighting sources.
  • Depending on different models, the front surface, border and back panel of the letters can be illuminated separately.
  • Using stud bolts fix on the wall by default.
  • Fit for indoors and outdoors well.

Description Of Channel Letters Signs

Channel Letters Signs

Channel letters signs, also called pan channel letters, are a kind of illuminated signs that are widely used, both letters and logos can be made into channel letters signs. 3D metal or acrylic signs shells with LEDs inside as light sources. Whether it is indoors or outdoors, it is a widely used business signs with strong three-dimensional effect and good display effect.

The letters of channel letters signs are separated, and each letter can be lit independently. The channel letters signs can provide a high degree of customizability. It can be front lit, side lit, back lit, or even several surfaces glow at the same time.

  • Most of the current channel letters signs use safe LEDs as light sources, so an AC transformer will be used to provide 12VDC power for LEDs. Need to set up electrical junctions in the ceiling near the sign installation position or behind the wall.
  • The brightness of the LED will decrease after about 2-3 years, but this does not mean that the LED cannot be lit. If you feel that the brightness of the logo cannot provide you with a satisfactory display effect, you need to consider replacing the LED. In fact, many of our customers have used the channel letters signs for more than 5 years without replacing anything.
  • The distance between the AC transformer and the channel letters signs needs to be controlled within 5 meters (about 16.4 feet), too far will cause excessive DC voltage loss.
  • The AC transformer is best installed in a weak current box with cooling holes or placed in a place with good ventilation. so that the transformer can dissipate heat normally and increase the service life of the AC transformer.
  • We suggest hiring a professional installer to install the signs, we will provide the wiring diagram and installation notice, so the signs could be installed correctly and quickly.
  • We use the 304 stainless steel for the metal part of the channel letters signs by default, if your area is near the sea, then we will use the 316 stainless steel to build the signs shell, which is marine grade and need not to worry about the rust problem.
  • If it is to be used outdoors and there are frequent heavy rains in the area, we will use the IP67 LED and add water leakage holes at the bottom of the signs shell then do anti-light leakage treatment.

Channel letters signs models

Channel letters signs can be divided into the following models:


Channel letters signs have a good viewing distance. According to experience, there is a certain proportional relationship between the height of a letter and the viewing distance. The viewing distance of a letter is about 100-120 times the height of the letter. For example, a letter with a height of 10cm can be read at a distance of about 10 meters, and a letter with a height of 10 inches can be read at a distance of about 100 feet.


Channel letters signs can be installed in the following ways:

  • Direct Mount: Channel letters signs are mounted directly to the wall by stud bolts, needing drill holes in the wall to install stud bolts and through wires.
  • Raceway installation: Channel letters signs are mounted on the raceway, raceway is a rectangular mounting structure which serves as both a container for the channel letters’ cables, even AC transformer, and a mounting structure. Then the signs and raceway are mounted on the wall as a whole. Compared with direct installation, using raceway installation can make installation easier, because there is no need to drill many holes in the wall. Mostyl, each channel letter has 3 stud bolts and 1 wire, If it is installed directly, it needs to drill 4 holes on the wall. Then for a set of signs to have 10 letters, it needs to drill at least 40 holes, but if it is installed on the raceway, it probably means that 10 holes is enough.
  • Hanging installation: use stainless steel rope or stainless steel round tube to hang from the ceiling, or hang from the bracket.
  • Bracket installation: similar to raceway installation, the signs are installed on the bracket, then the signs and the bracket are installed on the wall together.


As long as the channel letters signs are installed correctly, the maintenance is very simple, just wipe the dust with a soft cloth moistened with clean fresh water, never use organic solvents to clean, especially for signs with plating or paint layers.

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Featured Signs

Faux Neon Signs

Faux Neon Signs
The letters are separated, 3D metal letters signs with LED inside, using CNC engraved acrylic to simulate neon glass tubes, and the front surface are all illuminated, perfect neon style. Fit for outdoor and indoor.

Marquee Neon Signs

Marquee Neon Signs
The letters of are separated, 3D metal letters signs with LED inside, using CNC engraved acrylic to simulate neon glass tubes, and the front surface are all illuminated, with open face channel outside, perfect neon style and maquee style. Fit for outdoor and indoor.

Backlit Channel Letters Signs

Backlit Channel Letters Signs
The letters are separated, 3D metal or acrylic letters signs with LED inside, the back-panel is illuminated, which amazing halo effect. Fit for outdoor and indoor.

Front Lit Channel Letters Signs

Front Lit Channel Letters Signs
The letters are separated, 3D metal or acrylic letters signs with LED inside, the front surface is illuminated, very bright. Fit for outdoor and indoor.

Front and Backlit Channel Letters Signs

Front and Backlit Channel Letters Signs
The letters are separated, 3D metal or acrylic letters signs with LED inside, the front surface and back-panel are all illuminated, beautiful effect. Fit for outdoor and indoor.

Outdoor Channel Letters

High-quality outdoor channel letters are an excellent choice for making a lasting impression on passers-by. Signage helps establish your brand identity by associating a location with your specific business. Your business can stand out from your competitors and expand your target audience.

Our outdoor channel letters are suitable for most outdoor environments, including strong sunlight, heavy rain, monsoons, high or low temperatures, and marine environments. We have rich experience in producing weatherproof signs, just tell us your concerns and we will solve them.

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Types of Channel Letters Signs


Lighted Channel Letters

Lighted channel letters create eye-catching signs that can successfully capture the essence of your brand and help grow your business. Signs will increase the exposure brand, and help you attract new potential customers.

Even during the day, there are places that don’t get enough light, and the lighted channel letters can help you attract more customers’ attention and lead them into your business, increasing your sales.

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LED Channel Letters

LED channel letters are your best option for your business to make an impression and stand out from other competitors. LED channel letters’ round-the-clock vibrant brightness and visibility will help you meet your marketing goals by garnering more impressions, leads, and conversions.

LED is an ideal light source that is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly, with better service life and better brightness. It can provide a service life of more than 100,000 hours, but it can save more than half of the energy than traditional light sources, and can greatly reduce 24/ 7 fees for using the service.

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