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We provide one year free replacement to non-human damaged signs. We will produce and ship to customers for free. We also provide 2 to 5 years replacement of non-human damage with service charges.

Be aware of illuminated sign’s warranty policy, because the customer ordered non-illuminated signs are generally stainless steel, aluminum, copper signs, which the non-human damages are tend to not happen.

The illuminated signs will basically use LED lights, same as other kind of lights, LED lamps will have an aging problem, even if not in use setting at storage after production, LED lights will be naturally aging too. The brightness will be weaker than newer products. Generally we use the name of half-life to describe the time needed when the LED light brightness became half of its when it’s new. The higher of the value the better of the quality of that LED light is. There are three kinds of our company’s LED lights, one is Chinese made CE-certified LED lights, one is Chinese made UL certification in LED lights and the other one is very famous worldwide Cree brand LED lights. The half-life of Chinese made LED lights is 2 years, Cree brand can reach a half-life of around 3 years, and of course, Cree brand LED light is the most expensive.

For the signs using Chinese made LED lights, we can provide up to 2 years of warranty with service fee; for the signs using Cree brand LED lights, we can provide up to 5 years of warranty with service fee. Because the price of Cree lights is relatively very expensive, therefore it is generally only suitable for high-end customers.

Because the LED lights has the half-life problem, that if we provide customers with letters using newly produced LED lights to replace the damaged letters, then the luminosity of these letters will be significantly brighter than the existing letters. Therefore, we will save a certain percentage of the additional LED lights for each set of signs during production. In case some letters damages during the warranty period, then these saved LED lights will be used in production of replacing letters, so the replacing letters will be produced brightness consistent with other letters at the maximum possibility.

Also need to mention that the life problem of acrylic plate. Generally the acrylic we used can have 10 years of life, but the U.S. and Canada, due to longer daylight hours, strong solar intensity, or large temperature difference between day and night, these things can cause acrylic life to be shortened.

For LED illuminated signs and Non-luminous acrylic signs, taking into account the LED half-life and acrylic longevity issues, the user will receive a whole set of new signs at the third year if the user purchased more than 3 years of warranty service in order to maximum guarantee the signs’ quality. Maintenance expenses have already included shipping. Of which 1, 2, 4 and 5 year warranty covers on the non-human damages. The 3 year warranty covers all damages as the new signs will be provided at the third year, but also the new sign itself provides 1 year free replacement, and therefore there is no question of whether human caused damage. Of course, this 2 to 5 years warranty plans are the users’ call whether it is necessary to participate.

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We are signage products manufacturer in China, with over 15 years of successful experience and knowledge in this field, hold multiple certifications, such as ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, UL, etc. Above 300 employees and more than 100 advanced machines in 15,000 sqm factory.

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