We provide one year free replacement to non-human damaged signs. We will produce and ship to customers for free.

Warranty Details

We provide three years free replacement to non-human damaged signs. We will produce and ship to customers for free.

We use the MeanWell AC transformer by default, and the warranty of the AC transformer is provided by MeanWell, please contact your local MeanWell official representative

Be aware of illuminated sign’s warranty policy, because the customer ordered non-illuminated signs are generally stainless steel, aluminum, copper signs, which the non-human damages are tend to not happen.

The illuminated signs will basically use LED lights, same as other kind of lights, LED lamps will have an aging problem, even if not in use setting at storage after production, LED lights will be naturally aging too. The brightness will be weaker than newer products. Generally we use the name of half-life to describe the time needed when the LED light brightness became half of its when it’s new. The higher of the value the better of the quality of that LED light is. There are three kinds of our company’s LED lights, one is Chinese made CE-certified LED lights, one is Chinese made UL certification in LED lights and the other one is very famous worldwide Cree brand LED lights. The half-life of Chinese made LED lights is 2 years, Cree brand can reach a half-life of around 3 years, and of course, Cree brand LED light is the most expensive.

For the signs using Chinese made LED lights, we can provide up to 3 years of warranty with service fee; for the signs using Cree brand LED lights, we can provide up to 5 years of warranty with service fee. Because the price of Cree lights is relatively very expensive, therefore it is generally only suitable for high-end customers.

Because the LED lights has the half-life problem, that if we provide customers with letters using newly produced LED lights to replace the damaged letters, then the luminosity of these letters will be significantly brighter than the existing letters. Therefore, we will save a certain percentage of the additional LED lights for each set of signs during production. In case some letters damages during the warranty period, then these saved LED lights will be used in production of replacing letters, so the replacing letters will be produced brightness consistent with other letters at the maximum possibility.

Also need to mention that the life problem of acrylic plate. Generally the acrylic we used can have 10 years of life, but in some place, due to longer daylight hours, strong solar intensity, or large temperature difference between day and night, these things can cause acrylic life to be shortened.

The following measures can improve the service life of the signs.

  • Every 1 month or so, wipe the appearance of the logo with a soft cloth dipped in clean fresh water, and dry it with a dry soft cloth in time
  • For illuminated signs, please place AC transformer in a weak current box with cooling holes or placed in a place with good ventilation, so that the AC transformer can dissipate heat well.

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Outdoor Business Signs

High-quality outdoor business signs are an excellent choice for making a lasting impression on passers-by. Signage helps establish your brand identity by associating a location with your specific business. Your business can stand out from your competitors and expand your target audience.

Our outdoor business signs are suitable for most outdoor environments, including strong sunlight, heavy rain, monsoons, high or low temperatures, and marine environments. We have rich experience in producing weatherproof signs, whether it is illuminated signs or non-illuminated signs, just tell us your concerns and we will solve them.

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    Once our finance team confirms that we have received your payment, we will start a detailed design process, and we will send you the drawing file for your confirmation.

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    We will begin the production when we have received your confirmation for the detailed design drawing. Most signage production cases will be finished in 15 business days.

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    When we finish the production, we will have a test to check the issue, if everything is fine, we will send you the photo proof of your signs for your confirmation before shipment.

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    We use DHL door to door delivery by DDU terms by default, the shipping time is about 5 days. Also can use other express companies such as UPS, FEDEX, TNT, etc., also could use air freight.

Custom Business Signs

We provide high quality custom business signs. A custom sign is a great option for advertising your business, your letters signs and logo signs will be different from your competitors, which can help your business stand out. Whether it is font, material, color, type or size, etc., please tell us your requirements, and we will help you turn the sign you have in mind into a high-quality custom business signage with reasonable price, long service life and amazing effect.

Custom Business Signs

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