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We produce types of high quality custom business signs, a good business signs will give your customers a good first impression of your business. It provides subtle but important communication cues to your customers and prospects, increases brand awareness, and helps your business stand out and convert sales.

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About Business Signs

For signs used in commercial places, a good business sign is a good sign of business. According to the FEDEX survey, about 68% of consumers believe that a business signage reflects the quality of its products or services.

Now the mobile phone maps can help us to get accurate locations, but surveys show that about half of customers drive by a business instead of entering the business simply because the sign of the business is not clearly seen. No matter how accurate mobile phone positioning is, it is still necessary to attract your customers and potential customers to enter your business through the high quality business signs, it could be led signs, outdoor signs, store signs or address signs. And Yes, even the church still needs good church signs. Signage remains an effective marketing tool for businesses with physical locations. To make your business stand out, you need signage that is eye-catching and easily recognizable.

High-quality business signage is a key part of your marketing strategy, it can provide you with 24/7 service and it also helps generate impulse buys. According to a FEDEX survey, nearly 76% of consumers (8 in 10) said they had entered a store or business they had never visited before based simply on its signs. All of these are great reasons to invest in good signage for your business.

Types of Business Signs

Business signs can be divided into various types, such as indoor signs and outdoor signs, illuminated signs and non-illuminated signs, LED signs and neon signs, mounted signs and hanging signs signs and so on.

In fact, these types can be superimposed. For example, the outdoor lighted business signs that many people ask about are the illuminated signs and outdoor signs. These classifications can also be further subdivided. For example, outdoor signs can be divided into common outdoor signs and marine outdoor signs. Illuminated signs can be divided into LED signs and neon signs, or divided into channel letters signs and light box signs.

You may not be able to use the type name very accurately. In fact, the same signs may have many different names. For example, backlit channel letters signs and halo channel letters signs, reverse channel letters signs all refer to the same product. Therefore, the type of business signs is actually not very important to you, you only need to accurately describe your needs. For example, for outdoor use and near the sea, there is often heavy rain in the local area, and the letters of the signs need to be independent. The back of each letter is illuminated, and the front and side of the letters are not illuminated, the signs have a halo effect. Then we can know what kind of signage you need.

Below are some of the types of business signs we are often asked about:

Lighted business signs

Lighted business signs are visible 24/7, they are one of the only marketing strategies that will work for you around the clock and help your business and brand significantly stand out from your competitors. Even when your business is closed, a lighted sign is still working for your business. People passing by at all hours will notice it. The more exposure you get, the more opportunities you will have to attract new customers.

LED business signs

LED business signs refer to lighted business signs that use LEDs as light sources. With its unparalleled reliability, safety, high brightness and long service life, LEDs are even waterproof, making them ideal light sources for signage. With the development, the LEDs are not only more energy-saving and environmentally friendly, but they also have a service life of more than 100,000 hours.

LED neon business signs

LED neon signs are a new type of LED business signs. The traditional glass tube neon signs are difficult to transport and maintain, there may even be some noise generated by ballasts. But people cannot refuse the style of neon signs, the neon sign is indeed a sign with amazing effect. So sign makers started to use acrylic to make the effect of the glass tube, and used LEDs as the light source to perfectly simulate the effect of the neon sign and without the shortcomings of traditional glass neon signs.

Metal business signs

Metal business signs refer to signs made of metal. We usually use stainless steel, because stainless steel has better corrosion resistance and service life than aluminum and steel, and the details of the signage will be more exquisite. Other metal layers could be added on the stainless steel surface by plating process to obtain different finishes. Such as gold plating.

Outdoor business signs

Outdoor business signs help businesses captivate potential customers’ attention as they pass by your business. With good quality exterior signage in key places, people will be more likely to notice your business, which can help boost sales and create new customer relationships.

Indoor business signs

Indoor business signs are very important for shops, offices, and lobbies located indoors. Mostly, the sight distance of indoor signs is relatively close, which means that once the sign has a small flaw, it will be very obvious to your customers. A set of high-quality interior business signs attracts attention and provides significant opportunities to help you promote and build your brand to your guests and customers.

Building business signs

Building business signs can be spotted every day of the year, providing continuous and prominent exposure to the business. It is also a popular method for getting the attention of thousands of passers-byes. Additionally, they are more cost-effective when compared to television, newspapers, and radio advertisements.

Hanging business signs

Hanging business signs are suitable for many businesses, for example, you cannot drill holes in the walls of buildings protected by law, or your landlord prohibits you from doing so, or you need your exhibition signs to be easily installed and removed. At this time, it will be the best choice to hang the signs from the ceiling or on the bracket.

Wall business signs

Wall business signs are a great way to advertise your business. An attractive and easy-to-see business sign mounted on the exterior of your building will let your customers know where to find you and what you do. It is also very important for indoor use, whether it’s a reception room or a lobby, you need this business identity to build your brand.

We produce many kinds of commercial signs, but we are in China, so if you want to order from us, you must consider the shipping, usually the international shipping cost is much more expensive than the domestic shipping, and the shipping time is longer. For example you only need some cheap business signs, I don’t mean crude signs but the signs with simple production processes or with cheap materials, then it is recommended that you purchase locally, as long as the business signs are high quality produced, cheap business signs can also have good display effects.

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Featured Signs

Faux Neon Signs

Faux Neon Signs
The letters are separated, 3D metal letters signs with LED inside, using CNC engraved acrylic to simulate neon glass tubes, and the front surface are all illuminated, perfect neon style. Fit for outdoor and indoor.

Marquee Neon Signs

Marquee Neon Signs
The letters of are separated, 3D metal letters signs with LED inside, using CNC engraved acrylic to simulate neon glass tubes, and the front surface are all illuminated, with open face channel outside, perfect neon style and maquee style. Fit for outdoor and indoor.

Backlit Channel Letters Signs

Backlit Channel Letters Signs
The letters are separated, 3D metal or acrylic letters signs with LED inside, the back-panel is illuminated, which amazing halo effect. Fit for outdoor and indoor.

Front Lit Channel Letters Signs

Front Lit Channel Letters Signs
The letters are separated, 3D metal or acrylic letters signs with LED inside, the front surface is illuminated, very bright. Fit for outdoor and indoor.

Front and Backlit Channel Letters Signs

Front and Backlit Channel Letters Signs
The letters are separated, 3D metal or acrylic letters signs with LED inside, the front surface and back-panel are all illuminated, beautiful effect. Fit for outdoor and indoor.

Outdoor Business Signs

High-quality outdoor business signs are an excellent choice for making a lasting impression on passers-by. Signage helps establish your brand identity by associating a location with your specific business. Your business can stand out from your competitors and expand your target audience.

Our outdoor business signs are suitable for most outdoor environments, including strong sunlight, heavy rain, monsoons, high or low temperatures, and marine environments. We have rich experience in producing weatherproof signs, whether it is illuminated signs or non-illuminated signs, just tell us your concerns and we will solve them.

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Custom Business Signs

We provide high quality custom business signs. A custom sign is a great option for advertising your business, your letters signs and logo signs will be different from your competitors, which can help your business stand out. Whether it is font, material, color, type or size, etc., please tell us your requirements, and we will help you turn the sign you have in mind into a high-quality custom business signage with reasonable price, long service life and amazing effect.

Custom Business Signs

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