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High quality business signs is a sign of good business, it can make a good first impression.

We produce types of fabricated signage and laser cutting signs, including stainless steel signs, aluminum signs, acrylic signs, gold plated signs, titanium plated signs, rose gold plated signs, brass signs and bronze signs. Whether exterior signs or interior signs, our excellent visual effect signage products always work very well.

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Q: What’s the trading process?
A: We will first confirm with you all the details of the order, and then will send you our quotation, if you agree to our offer, we will generate an order for you, you need to pay the deposit first, then we will arrange production; after completion of production, we will provide you with the final product photo; upon your confirmation, you need to pay the balance due, then we will deliver to you by the shipping method you chosen.

Q: What’s your payment term?
A: The default is:

  • Credit Card or PAYPAL: 100% deposit before production
  • Western Union or T/T: 50% deposit before production, balance before shipment

Notice 1: We use the PAYPAL to accept the payment from credit card, The PAYPAL will charge 4.4% + usd$0.30 as the transfer fee, and our quoted fees are for products and delivery only, so if you want to use the credit card or PAYPAL to finish the payment, you would be asked to pay for the additional PAYPAL transfer fee. For example: if the amount of your order is $100, then you need to pay total: (100 + 0.3)/(100%-4.4%) = $104.92

Notice 2: If you want to use the credit card or PAYPAL to finish the payment, all the payment need to fit “PayPal Seller Protection“, before you send out the payment, please visit at first and finish the payment step by step as the article shows you.

Q: What payment methods you accept?
A: We recommend that you use PAYPAL for payment, but PAYPAL will charge a fee, therefore we will ask you to pay these fees. We also accept bank transfer or Western Union.

Q: How long can I receive my sign?
A: Depending on the number and weight of the signs, in general, if you choose DHL, under normal circumstances, you should receive your signs in 10-20 working days (include the produce time and the delivery time).

Q: How about your warranty policy?
A: Our policy is very good, for details see here.

Q: What is included in your offer?
A: Generally, our quoted prices will include the production costs and raw material costs, installation of required bolts, and 1:1 easy installation drawings, logistics costs, and insurance costs as well. If LIGHTED SIGNS, the offer also includes enough transformers and wiring diagrams, if you need us to design a sign, the offer will be included appropriate design fees.

Q: Can you make sure I can get my signs on time?
A: We can only say that we can complete the production as per quoted schedule, and generally will complete ahead of schedule; but as you will receive it on time, need cooperation from the logistics companies; we can’t take responsibility if delay caused by the logistics companies.

Q: Can you make sure I get my signs without damage?
A: We handle the packaging very carefully, and for the single letter sign with 3 layers of packaging, from the inside to the outside followed by wax paper, EPE foam and a bubble film. Then the package is placed in a wooden box lined with foam. Under normal circumstances it will not cause damage in transit. And the signs will be covered by insurance, if you received a damaged package, please open it in front of deliveryman, if there are identified damages, please contact us immediately and we will contact the insurance company for compensation, and we will re-produce the signs and free delivery to you.

Q: What gloss level should I select?
A: We support 4 gloss level:
1:”Gloss paints” have a highly reflective smooth surface. Solventborne gloss paints are generally the toughest, most durable and most stain-resistant type of paint. Gloss paints are easier to clean than paints with less surface smoothness. They are ideal for areas exposed to heavy traffic or heavy use – especially where fingerprints, grease or grime are common.
Some areas where gloss paints are useful include kitchen, bathroom and laundry room walls; cabinets; banisters; doorways; windowsills and frames; and interior trim. Certain gloss paints also can be used on furniture.
Because of their highly reflective appearance, gloss paints tend to highlight surface imperfections. If walls or woodwork are either marred or irregular, it may be best to select a paint with less sheen.

2:”Semi-gloss paints” have a slightly glossy appearance that is not as highly reflective as that of gloss paints. These types of finishes offer good stain resistance and are easy to clean, so they are especially popular among families with young children.
Paints with a semi-gloss appearance are excellent for use on many of the same areas as gloss paints. They are ideal for walls and woodwork which are subject to wear, including: kitchens and bathrooms; hallways; foyers and bathrooms; children’s rooms; playrooms; doors and doorways; windows and trim.

3:”Eggshell, satin or low sheen paint“Paint manufacturers use various names for finishes whose sheen level is lower than semi-gloss, yet more lustrous than flat paints. Among the terms commonly used are “eggshell”, “satin” and “low sheen” paints. (Satin or low sheen paints sometimes have a slightly higher sheen than those with eggshell finishes).
Paints in this category tend to impart more warmth and depth to surfaces than do flat paints. They resist stains better than flat paints, although not as well as semi-gloss and gloss paints.
Eggshell, satin or low sheen paints are a good choice for rooms or areas where some sheen is desired and good cleaning properties are necessary. Examples include: hallways, bathrooms, children’s rooms and playrooms.
Occasionally, these types of paints are used for ceilings. However, their slight sheen will tend to highlight surface imperfections more so than flat paints.

4: “Flat paints” diffuse light, so they tend to conceal surface imperfections better than paints with higher sheen levels. As a result, they are a good choice for general use on walls and ceilings, especially those that are dented or rough. Colours appear less intense in a flat finish than in a glossier finish.
Flat paints are also invaluable when painting over new drywall where the tape job is not thoroughly sanded, or where very porous joint compound has been used. In these cases, flat paints can help make the surfaces look smooth and uniform.
Keep in mind that in some cases it can be difficult to remove stains from flat finishes. Their surfaces have a micro rough texture which can trap dirt and make cleaning difficult when compared to higher-sheen paints. It is wise to use flat paints only in areas that do not tend to get soiled.


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