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High quality business signs is a sign of good business, it can make a good first impression.

We produce types of fabricated signage and laser cutting signs, including stainless steel signs, aluminum signs, acrylic signs, gold plated signs, titanium plated signs, rose gold plated signs, brass signs and bronze signs. Whether exterior signs or interior signs, our excellent visual effect signage products always work very well.

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We are dedicated to provide you the most professional services, to provide you with the best quality sign products. To make more clearly view of our services you can enjoy, details of our services description are below:

1: Design

Our professional designers can provide you with sign design services. In order to get a better design to meet your requirements, so the designed sign can be produced. We need you to provide the following information in detail. (* mark means it must be provided)

  • * Content: text and images (text font is to be provided)
  • * Overall size: length x width
  • * Type: Whether the lighted sign, the type of light (Front-lit, Backlit, Side-lit, Whole-lit, Doubesided-lit)
  • * The color requirements
  • Photos for the installation area
  • Any pictures of similar existing signs

With above information, our designers can provide you with a reasonable sign design in the shortest time.

2: Production

We are one of the world’s best sign manufacturers, to provide you with the best quality sign products. In order to successfully complete of the production, we need you to provide the following information in detail. (* mark means it must be provided)

  • * Sign’s vector graphics: If your sign is designed by us, you can ignore the content of this article, or we need you to provide CDR, AI, PDF or eps format vector graphics, vector graphics need to be saved in 1:1 and dimensions should be indicated in the drawings.
  • * The final delivery time: we usually will complete your demanded high quality signs before the specified due date, by knowing this date is used for better plan production arrangements.
  • * Type and number of parts required: we provide free installation bolts and transformer. If you have other needs, such as a length of wire, or install tool, please inform us in advance.
  • * The shipping address and mode of transportation: We generally use DHL for Shipping.
  • * The delivery note: The customs of each country handled in different ways, if you need special information in the Customs invoice, please inform us in advance.

(Special Note: If you are a broker, need us to remove our company’s logo in the packaging and enclosed documents, please inform us in advance)

3: Renovate

We provide renovation services to the signs. Some signs may peel off paint, mirror polished effect degrade and so on because of human or non-human factors after a certain period of time of usage. General the refurbishment can save a lot more than re-manufacturing, but you need to carefully consider the costs of disassembling, installation and transportation. According to our experience, for some European and American countries, perhaps it is cheaper to make a new one than renovate it, because Installation labor costs are relatively high.


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