Acrylic Mini Signs

Acrylic mini signs are one of new type illuminated signs. Using the CNC engraved process to turn the solid acrylic sheet, mostly more than 20mm thick, into an acrylic shell, install the LED lights in the signage shell, and finally covered the opaque layer on the outside of the shell with paint/powder coating to get the front-lit, baklit, and double-sided-lit different lighting effects.
Since the CNC engraved machining process is computer-programmed, the signs has a beautiful appearance. Even mini letters also could be individual LED illuminated signs, that’s why be called as acrylic mini signs, the CNC engraved process can make the mini letters to have a bolder strokes signage base to install the signage and it also won’t make the strokes of the surface look rough.
It is a very good indoor signs. Since this types of illuminated signs can display the details perfect, more and more luxury specialty stores have used this signs as an indoor sign to show customers at close range.

Acrylic Mini Signs - business signs

Types of Acrylic Mini Signs

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